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Paris Haze

Paris Haze


Favorite Quote: ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.’– Albert Einstein. Born Of Jamaican blood in New York City, New York, Paris has lived a life of creative and occupational contradictions. His formative years were spent growing up in two countries (America and Jamaica). He returned to the U.S. at the age of 12 and has since been recognized for his self taught drawing, painting and creative writing abilities. After graduating with a degree in Pre-Law and a double minor in Legal Studies and Psychology, Paris spent time traveling and exploring the world of the international club scene. He’s lived in New York City, Toronto, Las Vegas, San Diego, L.A., Newquay, London and Germany. His exploration includes visiting such respected and legendary venues like Twilo, Vinyl, The Roxy, The Tunnel, the Limelight, The Guvernment, The Web, the House of Blues, C2K, Baby’s, RA, 4th and B, Giant, U60, Kingdom, Exit, The End, Ministry of Sound, The Velvet Room, Heaven, Fabric, The Turnmills, ,Kiesgruber, Bergheim…and many festivals and raves around the world. The over whelming experience of receiving so much creative input from his journey made him embrace the world of DJing and music production. Now he divides his time between organizing charity events, his own art exhibitions, and DJing (house, progressive house, tech house, techno and breakbeats). He has slowly established himself as a driven and multi-talented individual. Experimentation with hip hop/ spoken word style lyrics and electronic beats along with an introduction to Andre..Rautenberg led to the production of “Follow Me.” and “Spider Paradise”(original mix), which are on DEBOX music (Berlin/Cologne) along with Paris’ solo release of, “So Much Pain”, which after a month of release was re-released on the compilation, “Minimal Incantation”, on Sa Trincha Recordings (Spain). His third release was on Eltronic Fusion Records/Tronic B7 Records (Brazil). Titled: paris haze: p.o.p. (pieces of paris) is a remix, 6 track Maxi EP comprised of tag team production match ups with AndreĀ“Rautenberg and A. Giese. He lent his song writing skills and vocals to Lissat & Voltaxx’s club hit, “Club Around the World” (released on 303 Lovers). His next release was on the new Impulse Music Label from Rheintime Entertainment (Germany). “The T.R.A.S.Hy. EP” (The Rules Are Sometimes Hazy) – which was ranked number 1 out of 100 underground tracks by The EP featured the remixing talents of Dompe, Chisee and Afrilounge.

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